Rafting Guide School, Swiftwater Professional & Technical River Work, RiverWise Safety Program

River Rafting Guide School:

2018 Destiny River Adventures Rafting Guide School

• 50hrs of practical and theoretical training in the river guiding skills required to obtain certification as a entry level river guide in Canada....
• Training will take place on local rivers: Campbell River, Oyster River and Nimpkish River.
• Course content meets or exceeds the federal government standards that was implemented in April, 2004.
• Instructors are active river guides with over 50 years combined river experience, including the former BC Rafting Regulations Officer.
• Approved training and third party examination process results in nationally recognized certification for oar guides.
• Helmet, wetsuit, booties, PFD, transportation to & from rivers and training equipment provided.
• Local employment opportunities for top candidates.

Pre-requisites: physically fit; good swimming skills; excellent judgement, ability to assess risk and people skills; 18 years old by May 13th, 2016 (exam date). You will be required to sign a release waiver and complete a detailed medical questionnaire.

Recommended: OFA level 1 + Transportation Endorsement & CPR or a 2 day Standard first aid certificate – required as part of licensing as a guide. Rescue Canada SRT (Swiftwater Rescue Technician level 2) – SRT available in conjunction with the guide school at a 60% discount.

Class Size: 4 to 10 candidates


Costs: $1,785.00 per person. Breakdown = SRT 2: $150.00 (regular $375.00) Guide School: $1200.00 Exams: $200.00
Additional material: Textbook $40.00, River knife $40.00.

$400 deposit required to hold your seat, balance due 10 days prior to course commencement.

Commercial Services:

Destiny River Adventures is unique in its ability to provide a wide range of commercial and technical services. Company staff are qualified technicians for fish, wildlife, recreation and habitat restoration work.  We are trained and certified in river safety, rope rescue and first aid.

Commercial Film Support:

We are experienced in working with various commercial film operations. We have provided on-river support services for CBS television, Knowledge Network and the Xcursions adventure show. We also have experience working with the Knowledge Network on approx. 12 BC Moments vignettes involving wilderness activities. In November 2005 we provided water safety services and equipment for Bright Light Productions commercial filming for Dungeon Siege - In The Name of the King.

Technical Services:

We have the ability and experience to complete a variety of river-based technical work. As the only certified river outfitter on Vancouver Island, we are ideally situated to provide cost effective river work for agencies and companies operating in or on our island river environments. We have successfully carried out river survey work for BC Hydro on the Campbell River, including completing river transects, depth/velocity & substrate measurements.

Swiftwater Safety Rescue courses

We are a Rescue Canada Training Centre. We offer Recreational and Occupational Swiftwater Safety Rescue courses from Awareness to Rescue Specialist levels.

All levels predominant emphasis on safety. Depending on level, you will have an understanding of moving water, hazard awareness and avoidance, personal knowledge based, simple to complex shore based safety and rescue skills in low to high risk swiftwater environments. Self and teammate rescue. Knowledge of simple rope techniques and knowing personal limits and abilities. 

RiverWise Safety Rescue Program for Youths:

5-8 years old.
  The River Start course is designed to give a fun and active look into how to play safely around and in the river environment. The overall goal is to provide training or tasks for playing safe around the river.
As noted earlier, participants do not need to be able to swim for the River Start course.
TBA, 2018, 9:00am-2:00pm $48.00

9-12 years old.
  This course is tailored to those who actively play and participate in recreational activities in and around the river. The focus on this course is to provide participants with the ability to recognize and avoid dangers in the river. Participant should be able to swim.
TBA, 2018, 9:00am-2:00pm $60.00

13-16 years old.
This course is designed to give the participants the ability to recognize and avoid dangers. It also introduces self and assisted rescue techniques. Participants will be taught to know their own limitations and abilities. As well they will learn some tools and skills to aid in the rescue of others.
 TBA, 2018, 8:30am-3:30pm $84.00

RIVER WISE 17+ years old
River Wise is the final level in the program and is designed for ages 17 and older.
This course will provide participants with basic skills and knowledge:
· to recognize and avoid danger
· to recognize safe places to operate or play in the river
· to be able to self rescue
· to be able to rescue those in need.
This course also introduces participants in group planning.
TBA, 2018, 8:30am-3:30pm $84.00